15oz/450ml Enamel Mug (Black) MOQ:2000pcs


Item Name: 15oz/450ml Enamel Mug (Black) MOQ:2000pcs
Item No.: TC07-K
Material: Enamel, with back color rim 
Size: 8.2*11cm
Color: White
Parameters: 185C, 15S.
Note: Due to the retro design of the enamel cup, enamel paint loss is a normal phenomenon.
Weight: 8.7kg
Packing: 48pcs/ctn,each packed with white box
Dimension: 445*270*500mm

Care & Use
1. If you want to heat liquid with the mug, pour in the liquid first and don’t heat the empty mug;
2. Don't burn or heat a new unused mug, otherwise the coating would get damaged;
3. Don't put the mug in cold water immediately after heating, other the coating could crack;
4. Don't heat the liquid inside dry, otherwise the coating would get damaged;
5. Wipe up the mug after washing to prevent the mug rim from rusting;
6. Don't hit the mug, otherwise the coating could fall off;
7. Don't put the mug in microwave oven.

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