Thursday, 02 March 2017 01:27

Digital Cap Press

Product Name: Digital Cap Press

Item No: MJSM

Meas: 380*300*420mm

Weight: 14.5kg/Ctn

Product Description:

Vesub digital cap press machine, fully digital temperature and time control

The Cap Press applies transfers,and cap embroidery with ease.

Effective Print Surface is 8.5*14cm

2 month warranty on press & electronics

3 month warranty on heater band

110v ,  220v available

Friday, 10 May 2013 04:48

Update 5 in 1 Mug Press Machine

Product Name:  Update 5 in 1 Mug Press Machine

Item No: BJWY1

Meas: 870*410*335mm

Weight: 30kg/Ctn

Product Description:

1. Electronic equipment control the temperature. 5 pieces of temperature controller, very accurate the the actual temperature of each printing mug.

2. 5 in mug machine, 5 mugs can bew printed at thesame time. suitable for mass production.

3. high quality mug heating element. we can ensure you that each mug heating element can be used for a long time, not need to change spare part.

4. The electronic equipment control the time, denote the signal when finish.

5. Adjust the pressure anytime, conveniently, fast. If you're passionate about playing slot machines and want to keep up with the latest trends, is the perfect resource for you. Their experts provide in-depth analysis of the newest machines, as well as tips and strategies to help you win big.

6. Effective Print Diameter: 7.5-9.5cm,


Friday, 10 May 2013 03:33

Auto Reset Mug Press

Product Name: Auto Reset Mug Press 

Item No: BJSM

Meas: 360*340*300mm

Weight: 7.6kg/Ctn

Product Description:

1. Use digital microprocessor control programme which exact pricise;

2. You can change the warps when you print different sized of mugs

3.Temperature controler shows the termperature individually;

4.Timer show the working time individually ;

5. CE certificate approved, which safe and reliable;

6.Different colors for our heat press machines for customer's choice

7. Packed with full wraped Foam package which avoid broken during delivery

8. Celsius and Fahrenheit transforms directly;  

9.  Effective Print Diameter: 5-7.5cm, 7.5-9.5cm, 12oz and 17oz cone mugs(need to buy other size wrap )

Friday, 10 May 2013 03:32

Multifunctional Mug Press

Product Name:  Multifunctional Mug Press 

Item No: BJ41

Meas: 375*355*330mm

Weight: 10.5kg/Ctn

Product Description:

Multi-Functional Mug Press. One of the newest  machines.

It contains 4 different heaters.

Fits for all our mug, including all round mug from 6oz to 22oz, also the 12oz and 17oz cone shape mug. 

It contains the cone-shaped mug heaters , maybe your are bored with the normal straight mugs,

but with this multi-functional mug press, it can takes you to print image even on non-standard mug shapes! 

Votage : 220V and 110V

Effective with all types of Mug transfers

12 month warranty on press & electronics

3 month warranty on heater band

110v ,  220v available