Wednesday, 27 March 2013 08:28

Combo Heat Press (8-in-1)

Product Name: Combo Heat Press(8-in-1)

Item No: DGNBY

Meas: 540*470*460mm

Weight: 34.5kg/Ctn

Vesub digital multi-heat press,The Digital Combo  heat press has different interchangeable attachments which are quickly and easily

switched to produce quality prints on T-shirts, Ceramic tile, Mouse Pads, Tote Bags, Jigsaw puzzles, Lettering, Wood ,  metals, and other Misc.

Fabrics and materials.                                                                                    

Optional attachments are availabe to print Caps, Ceramic plates, Mugs, and paper Memo Cubes.                                                              

12 month warranty on press & electronics

3 month warranty on heater band

110v ,  220v available

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 08:24

Digital Control Box

Product Name: Digital Control Box

Item No: SMX

Weight: 1.5kg/Ctn

New replacement pad for your digital press ! This unit Is A spare part that you might need for your digital press

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 08:22

3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine 3

Product Name: 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine 3  

Item No: ZKJ03

Meas: 680*610*370mm

Weight: 23kg/Ctn

New Model can print most irregular and regular shape sublimation products, like 11oz cylinder mug, 12oz cone mug, 15oz cylinder mug,

3D phone case,crystal,glass,photo slate plate,1.5oz glass shot,etc,which can replace mug press, plate press and T-shirt heat press.  

In addition, it can print 12mugs and several phone cases at one time. Different voltage is  available for different countries.                                    

Effective Printing surface: 30*42cm                                                

Color: White and light blue, Black, Buff, Bright Red

Product Name: 3D iPhone5 Cover

Item No.: IP5TD1

Packing: 400pcs/Ctn

Meas: 410*295*310mm

Weight: 8.5kg/Ctn

Both the surface and the side of the 3D iPhone Cover can be printed thought sublimation by our 3D vacuum machine.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013 03:17

11oz Inner Rim Color Mug-Red

Product Name: 11oz Inner Rim Color Mug-Red 

Item No: B1SC-1


Packing:36pcs/ Ctn                                                                  

Colors Available:Pink, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Black, Maroon, Dark Blue, Red                                                                  

Material:High Grade Porcelain Stone              



Red color inner rim color mug . Popular Color Mug, Color inside and handle, 11 different color available.