Pneumatic Upglide Double Heat Press Machine

Product Name: Pneumatic Upglide Double  Heat Press Machine

Item No: QDSH, QDSH1 or QDSH2

Item No: QDSH      Heat platen size: 38*38cm

Item No: QDSH1    Heat platen size: 40*50cm

Item No: QDSH2    Heat platen size: 40*60cm

Meas: 960*710*660mm

Weight: 100kg/Ctn

Product Description:

Air operated double location heat press machine adopted push-draw working table, labor saving for operation and fast printing.

Heat platen size:38*38cm, 40*50cm or 40*60cm is also available

12month warranty on press & electronics

6 month warranty on heater band

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