Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

Product Name: Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

Item No: QDSG

Meas: 100*100*100cm

Weight: 120kg/Ctn

Product Description:

This Pneumatic heat transfer machine is a kind of high efficient machine with smart structure. It has fine workmanship made of good material.

It's durable and delicate. There are two working table which could improve the speed for high efficiency.

The plating motherboard is titanium plating, prevent mucosity. 

It's widely used for T-shirts, pants, cloth, metal sheet, etc. 

Before using

1. Check all kinds of parts whether have loose or not before using.

2. Connect the air compressor, turn on power, and then adjust “Pressure adjust valve” (usually 3-6kg/cm2) until the heating board rising up automatically.

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