Watchband for Apple Watch 42-44

tem Name: Watchband for Apple Watch 42-44
Item No.: WB24

Do you want to personalize your Apple Watch and make it cooler? BestSub's sublimation watchbands for Apple Watch can do that for you!
Our watchbands come in two sizes for you to choose for your 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch. Made of sublimatable leather, these watchbands are perfect for personalization. You can print your amazing design on the watchbands by sublimation printing, and make your Apple Watch cooler and unique.
Tips: Please put spring bar inside before printing.

Product Info
Material: Sublimatable Leather
Size/Printing Size: 2.3*11.7cm, 2.3*7.6cm

Printing Instructions
For BestSub Heat Press
Printing parameters for reference: 180℃, 50 seconds 
1. Print on the sublimation paper, mirror image;
2. Print side by side; tear the sublimation paper after printing one side; the thermal paper is needed to protect the other side during printing;
3. Medium pressure.

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